Two female performers on a wooden brick platform.
Leaving no visible signs of what could become a defined point in space, they develop a high precision, circular movement sequence that runs through the whole piece. Constantly suspending their arrival point, these movements seem to just leave into space something of the intensities at work inside the body when movement organizes its own potential. We watch them writing a movement code that is going to activate space from the material supporting them.
Mothers tell(s) stories of construction: two women are playing with space, inventing the work through minimal structures of action, memory and potency. Using elementary material, lego- like bricks transformed into protocols of movement, space and sound, they design their own cities setting in motion questions of heroism and transcendency. Strolling around, inventing new codes of action, Mothers are playing with the limits of their own designs.
Myrto Katsiki

Concept – choreography: Iris Karayan
Performers: Chara Kotsali and Ioanna Paraskevopoulou
Music: Nikos Veliotis
Visual fellow artist: Nikos Papadimitriou
Visual design – props: Vasilis Gerodimos
Lighting design: Elisavet Moraki
Costumes: Vassiliki Panayotopoulou
Artistic collaborator: Myrto Katsiki

Photos: Vasilis Xenias
Production: Athens and Epidaurus Festival 2012 and ZITA dance company

Showings: Con Tempo, December 2011, Duncan Centre Theatre / Prague (work in progress) Premier: Athens and Epidaurus Festival,  7-8 July 2012, Piraeus 260, Athens, Il Cuore di Grecia, Teatri di Vita, 28 July 2012, Bologna, Italy, Aerowaves 2013, Spring forward, dance for changing times, Rote Fabrik, 5 May 2013, Zurich, Switzerland, Arc for dance festival 2013, Virsodepsio, 18 May 2013, Athens,  Kalamata International dance festival 2013, IETM Athens 2013, Virsodepsio, 17-19 October 2013, International Festival, Sarajevo winter 2014, 23 February 2014, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Dansehallerne Copenhagen,29, 30 May 2014, Denmark, Dancenet Sweden, 2 October 2014, MALMÖ, 4 October 2014, JÖNKÖPING, 7 October 2014, LINKÖPING, 9 October 2014, FALKENBERG, Le phénix, Scène Nationale Valenciennes, Next Festival, Focus Europe#1, 21, 22 November 2014, France