A collaboration between choreographer Iris Karayan, visual artist Nikos Papadimitriou and composer Nikos Veliotis, CRACK is a group piece that explores the balance between the individual and the collective. Working with contrasting pairs such as mobility-stillness, order-disorder, accumulation-isolation, the work develops through space and time into dynamic transformations.

Concept-choreography: Iris Karayan
Set design: Nikos Papadimitriou
Music: Nikos Veliotis
Costumes: Vasileia Rozana
Lighting design: Elisavet Moraki
Dancers: Chara Kotsali, Marilena Petridou, Maria Fountouli, Katerina Andreou, Kostas Kekis, Stavros Kottas

Production: ZITA dance company, 2010
Administration and production: Among the Ants

All photographs © Elisavet Moraki

Showings: Michael Cacoyannis Foundation, Athens

Enormous scraping chords and still silhouettes. Walking patterns gather pace to running and subside as chill winds blow. Flocking around increasingly wide-ranging moves ensues, dusk bird calls setting the mood. Part nature invocation, part crowd observation, there is neither choreographic nor performer hesitation in the constant mutation and flow. Slowly the organic nature of the group breaks into tableaux, like moments preserved in classical painting. But also now a family. A heartbeat and spare chords hold the tension as one is chosen and elevated, chosen and elevated… Dogs bark as they return to stillness and their pinspots drift away like stars. This is utterly unfashionable and elementally beautiful work, all subsumed within the generous ensemble dancing. Every single moment and movement is choreographed for the entire group, even the outstanding solo and the brief duets held in balance with each other. And it is a genuine 40 minute piece.

John Ashford