ALASKA Kalamata International Dance Festival

photo Ioanna Chatziandreou

Kalamata Dance Festival


Rapidly becoming by syndesmos chorou

photo Christina Georgiadou

Athens & Epidaurus Festival 2017
19-20 June, Pireos 260, 21:00

Five choreographers; twelve new dancers; an artistic experiment. Rapidly Becoming is multiple things at once: a performance, a choreographic process, a methodology for collaboration, a framework for producing art, an educational project.

Manual Solos


Manual Solos
PORTA Theatre
Mesogion 59, Athens, 11526

16,23 February
2,9 March

Manual Solos attempts to reenact two works from the past: Wall-Floor Positions (1968) by the visual artist Bruce Nauman and Water Motor (1979) by the choreographer Trisha Brown. The aim of the work is to actively rethink, investigate and explore the past attempting to foreground the present. The research process in hand leads towards the creation of a new work that operates as an exploration and re-articulation of the thought expressed in the compositional logic of the historic works cited.

Moving parts

New creation for MIR Festival

11, 12, 13 December 2016, Athens

Moving parts is a movement solo that takes place within a sound installation. The two elements relate to each other while operating independently, complementary and in counterpoint. An instructions manual for an unspecified appliance is the starting point for the performance.

Concept, choreography: Iris Karayan
Sound, text: Ilan Manouach
Lighting design: Dimitris Kouvalis, Elisavet Moraki

Performance: Antigone Avdi, Ian Watts

Production: Zita Dance Company /// Co-production: MIRfestival, Griffon Dance co.


Iris, Alexandra, Mariela, Katerina et moi

Focus Athens

Brest DañsFabrik Festival, 2016


A catalogue of the curatorial project Iris, Alexandra, Mariela, Katerina et moi with choreographic, documentation and research material from Alexandra Bachzetsis, Iris Karayan, Katerina Andreou, Mariela Nestora and Lenio Kaklea. Project curated by Lenio Kaklea. Design by Studio Christos Lialios in an edition of 70 copies. An O publication.

This book gives an insight into the choreographic research of four female choreographers present in the Athenian scene. The selected works and material do not bear a formal resemblance; they rather help the reader outline different modes of community making and consider peripheral modes of production and fresh ways of exchanging ideas within the broad field of contemporary dance, an art on the edge.



26-29 february 2016

Onassis Cultural Centre, Athens, Greece

4 march 2016

Le Quartz, Scène Nationale de Brest, France


International Dance Festival “Unlimited Access”, Onassis Cultural Centre, Athens, Greece

You listen to a sound. You run across the stage. You stop. You feel an arm on your shoulder. You go on…

A group of amateur dancers with and without visual impairments move between light and darkness, sound and silence. They turn limitations into possibility, play into dance, movement into vocalization, music into imagery. A short work which invites the viewer to see, hear, feel and imagine.

27 February 2015, Main Stage


Le Phénix, Scène Nationale Valenciennes, France, 21 Novembre 2014 19:00, 22 Novembre 2014 20:30 Festival Next

Dancenet Sweden, Autumn 2014 Tour
Malmo, Dansstationen 2 October 2014, 19:30, Jonkopings Theatre 4 October 2014, 18:00, Linkoping, Sagateatern 7 October 2014 19:00, Falkenberg, Falkhallen 9 October 2014, 19:00

29, 30 May 2014,  Dansehallerne, Copenhagen, Denmark

23 February 2014, SARTR Theatre, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

17 October 2013, IETM Athens

23 July 2013, 19th Kalamata International Dance Festival, Kalamata Dance Megaron, Studio

18 May 2013, Arc for dance festival 2013, Vyrsodepsio, Athens, Greece

5 May 2013, Spring Forward 2013, dance for changing times, Zurich, Switzerland, Rote fabrik, Aerowaves

7-8 July 2012, Athens and Epidaurus Festival Pireos 260, Building E, 21:00

28 July 2012, Bologna, Italy Teatri di vita – Cuore di Grecia Emilia Ponente 485, 21:30

(First draft) 19 December 2011, Duncan Centre Theatre,  Con Tempo Prague, Czech Republic